Multi Sky2Sip

Multi Sky2Sip

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Openvox Multi Sky2Sip is a SIP protocol based software gateway solution mainly designed for SMB. Under circumstance of Linux environment, Multi Sky2Sip gateway could be suitable for any hardware condition.

Nowadays, Skype is so popular that there is a huge amount of Skype users around the world. How to enable Skype to be fully used by the SMB has become an urgent need in our open source telephony community.
Sky2Sip is the software gateway which will have a profound significance for SMB in managing their own calling system and saving the cost of voice calls by connecting the open source IPPBX to Skype VoIP world seamlessly. And the user friendly GUI of Sky2Sip will make it so easy to set up their customized unified communication system for SMB.


  • Flexible dialing mode enables direct dialing and secondary dialing
  • Support PSTN calls to SIP devices
  • Make SIP calls from another Skype user using a SIP provider or SIP PBX
  • Skype callers can be directed to the SIP address as requested
  • Skype Client could make the calls to the SIP device via Sky2Sip
  • Build enterprise unified communication system through Skyp2Sip with optimal design
  • Connect Asterisk, FreePBX, Elastix, trixbox, PBX-in-a-Flash or other SIP PBX to Skype Users

Operating Systems:

  • Linux

*The Multi Sky2Sip license could be changed for free 3 times within 2 years of purchase.
Notice: The license will be invalid once used in different servers.

Notice: When using Sky2Sip gateway, you expressly acknowledge that you accept the Skype Terms of Use and understand the rights, obligations, terms and conditions.



  • User Friendly Web Interface
  • Easy Installation & Configuration
  • Compatible with any open source telephony platforms
  • Support up to 32 Simultaneous calls with maximum 32 Skype accounts