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Shenzhen, China-October 10th, 2011--OpenVox Communication Co. Ltd, a global provider of open source asterisk® telephony hardware and software solutions, has announced to launch a sales promotion for OpenVox most advanced asterisk cards. It’s a limited time offer in October 2011. For any orders of the qualifying products from overseas market, we will provide up to 200USD rebates back to the next order for one single product. And, there is no maximum limitation of the rebates.

Here are the detailed rebates of OpenVox Qualifying Products:
Note: All rebates are in USD

Analog Telephony
A2410P $26
A1610E & A1610P $20
A810E & A810P $15
EC2032 $25
FXO400/FXS400 $15
ISDN BRI Telephony
BE200P $40
BE200E $50
BE400P $65
BE400E $70
T1/E1 Digital Telephony
D130E & D130P $45
D230E & D230P $70
D430E & D430P $120
DE130E & DE130P $70
DE230E & DE230P $120
DE430E & DE430P $200

Please mention the above sales promotion to your sales manager when placing the order. We will issue a credit note for you that will be valid within 2011.
For more information or inquiries, please send your email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you!

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