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Shenzhen, China--15th Nov, 2011--OpenVox Communication Co. Ltd, a global leading provider of the most advanced open source asterisk® telephony hardware and software products, has announced the price reduction of BRI products up to 40% with a lifetime warranty upgrade. We’ve been working very hard to lower the hardware cost to ensure that the majority can easily access full benefits of open source telephony. And thus, we’ve made such an announcement today. Moreover, we’ve also upgraded the 5 year warranty to lifetime to make sure OpenVox products come with superior quality and service you can ever enjoy in the market.

“Our marketing dept has been working on lots of related research and we’ve heard feedbacks from our partners that we need to reduce the hardware price to enable them to be more competitive and active in the telephony market.” said Lin Miao, the CEO of OpenVox, “We are always standing behind our products and partners. We are proud to move one step forward and make the decision. We cut down the hardware price for our community and we upgrade products with lifetime warranty to bring absolute confidence to our users.”

“We do more than that.” added Lin Miao, ”We are planning to launch a 24*7 technical support program for all OpenVox users within this week. We ensure that our users can take full advantages of open source telephony without any headache in the technical side. The punch point is that this service is FREE.”

Besides, today OpenVox also releases a new single port ISDN BRI card with PCIe bus- B100E. It’s an entry BRI interface card for European users. For more information, please visit

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Founded in 2002, OpenVox has now evolved to become a global leading provider of open source telephony hardware and software products. OpenVox serves the Small and Medium Business and open source market with superior quality products that lower communication costs, increase system flexibility and enhance productivity in building PBX, Call Center, IVR and firewall applications. OpenVox continues to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions to the open source community and will always do.

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