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Shenzhen, China – 14th Feb, 2012--OpenVox Communication Co. Ltd, a global leading provider of the most advanced open source asterisk® telephony hardware and software products, has announced today to add multiform transcoding solutions to its transcoding family to enable various enterprise applications and deployments.The new solutions deliver 3 types of forms as Ethernet, Enclosure and PMC. Each of them could handle up to 400 transcoding sessions that can meet the needs from large scale cabinets to small form-factor solutions.

V100-BOX V100-PTMC V100-ETH V100-PTCC

“We saw that when deploying the high density system, there were lots of troubles related to the physical hardware installations. Many complex realities may occur and give engineers puzzles big enough.” said Lin Miao, the president of OpenVox, “Taking the proper type of the new transcoding solution, the above problem could be solved easily. We are pleased to share these wonderful products to the open source community and simplify the IPPBX project.”

The OpenVox multiform transcoding solutions, including V100-ETH, V100-BOX and V100-PTMC, could meet different needs on various environments, from 2U form-factor to stand-alone box, and even PMC. Transmission data by RJ45 interface, no system pci/pci-e slot is needed. Working on distribution mode, the flexibility is strongly improved. Industrial standard size, the V100-BOX and the V100-PTMC would be easily embedded into the system.

Combining with the powerful open source software, Asterisk® and FreeSWITCH®, system load would be reduced, especially the heavy load situation. Supporting most of the popular codes, the applicability is tremendously strengthened. Profit from open source platform, much additional license fee is cut. Flexibility, cost-effective and high performance, users will get all these from the new series solutions.

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