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Shenzhen, China – April 17th, 2012--OpenVox Communication Co. Ltd, a global leading provider of the most advanced open source Asterisk® telephony hardware and software products, released the new version of Chan-Extra 2.0.2, updating its GSM application with the Number Filter, making detecting huge quantity of numbers an easy job.

The call centers and other telemarketing business always have to pay for the invalid or busy status number, in either time or charges, maybe both. The OpenVox G400 series telephony cards with the Number Filter, will tremendously reduce the costs. Detection will automatically run as required. Multi-channel is also available and will be a strong enhancement for the executive efficiency of the task. With the Filter, for each extension, the call completing rate will be raised and the labor intensity will be improved.

Basing on Asterisk and Linux open source platform, expensive equipment is not necessary. To get detailed information of the above updates, please kindly check HERE for demonstration or contact OpenVox via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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