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Shenzhen, China-October 11, 2016, OpenVox communication Co., Ltd, the global leading provider of the best cost effective VoIP gateways and Asterisk® solutions, today announces the release of IP PBX UC300 Series, the latest version of superior business phone system. Combining with the latest technology, disaster recovery capacity and scalability, OpenVox UC300 Series provide SMBs and SOHOs with an enterprise-class communications experience at a fraction of the cost.

OpenVox UC300 Series are fully featured, enhanced unified communications systems which contain everything required to customize the ideal communications solution to meet your business needs. With tow excellence offering, UC 300 Series will provide you a full set of products designed to fit your communication needs. As the models, you can see as follow:

UC300 Series



Ports Combination











UC300 Series support analog FXO/FXS ports with up to 300 simultaneous calls in one single device. They are developed with a wide selection of codecs and signaling protocols, including ADPCM,G.711A,G.711U,G.722,G.723.1,G.726,G.728,G.729,iLBC. Taking full advantages of open source platform, the UC300 Series support industry standard SIP trunks, IAX2 trunks, analog PSTN trunks, and analog station trunks. Additionally, OpenVox UC300 Series offers not only PBX functionality, but also a broad set of advanced features such as Web Based Email Client, Fax to Email Application, Backup Restore Validation capacities. UC300 Series lay a solid foundation in effectively dealing with core business data as well as communications among enterprises, staff and customers.

UC300 Series

With exquisite enclosure, small size and robust features, OpenVox UC300 Series aim at offering integrated solutions which will lower overall communication costs for SMBs and SOHOs. What’s more, OpenVox UC300 Series will be ready for worldwide shipping on October 17th, 2016.

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