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A100P and X100P

16 years 11 months ago #44 by
What is difference btw A100P and X100P OEM?
16 years 10 months ago #45 by miaolin
The A100PCI is well designed to suit the world wide pstn impedance, and have very good quality, the components is fully surface mount now. and also we are patching the driver to support the polarity reverse.

the oem x100p is a cheap products, not suggest used in critical environment or product.
16 years 6 months ago #93 by miaolin
We just released the new design A100P, feature is :

1. Real global pstn impedance, do not have echo issue.
2. Full surface mount components, high quality,
3. No cid bug,
4. Provide low profile pci bracket version, can be installed in small size pc.
5. 1 year warranty
16 years 5 months ago #102 by johnnylkg
Call hang up immediately after the receipient answer
16 years 5 months ago #105 by miaolin
check your tone detection param in your indications.conf
15 years 10 months ago #259 by GOwin
Hi. I've been reading about x100p clones and in general, the recommendation is NOT to waste my money on it. I'm afraid that your A100P would fall under the same category.

Are you recommending A100Ps for production environments? What kind of warranty or support does it come with?
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