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hardware compatibility info

14 years 1 week ago #4757 by Trotz07
Hi, James. I have some problems with A1200p and motherboard compability. Sometimes DTMF signals from FXS are swallowed. Can you recommend me moterboards and processors what work correctly with A1200p
14 years 1 week ago #4766 by miaolin
if just DTMF signals do not pass, you 'd better try another version of asterisk, or use our DTMF patch, you can find it in this bbs. it should not be a h/w compatibility issue.
14 years 1 week ago #4770 by Trotz07
I also have messages "buffer resync occure". Should it be a h/w compatibility issue?
Where can I get a list of motherboards and processors that work correctly with A1200p?
14 years 1 week ago #4771 by miaolin
if the msg generate below 10 times per hour, it will be ok,

it's hard to give you a complete list, because there have too many kind of m/b and cpus, and m/b supplier always upgrade their bios and h/w design every 6 mo, so it's hard to give out a complete list.

but most intel chips works well
14 years 2 days ago #4825 by Trotz07
Thanks. I want to use AMD Phenom II X4 810. Does Gigabyte GA-770TA-UD3 works with A1200P/A800P+trixobx-2.6/2.8/elastix-2.0?
14 years 20 hours ago #4835 by Trotz07
Where can I get DTMF patch? I have tryed asterisk versions 1.6.0,,,,, but DTMF signals had been swallowed. Could it be broken FXS modules? How can i test it?
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