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× Questions about A400/800/1200 Analog Interface Card


7 years 3 months ago #8656 by hanben
i am building a 4 FXO and 24 FXS for a client.

i bought a 2 units of your A1200P with 24 FXS and 1 units of A400E from your reseller Micheal from Malaysia

1 unit of A440E with 4 FXO

1 unit of A1200P x 24 FXS PCI based and is working great.

1 unit of A1200P X 24 FXS PCIe based

I was told the first group of 4xRJ11 needs an converter to convert
to 8 RJ11, i am waiting for the convertor to ship from your factory.
The second group of 4xRJ11 i can plug in direct.

when i plug in direct, 1st and 2nd FXS i got dial tone, but no dial tone
on 3rd and 4th.

i swap the 1st and 2nd FXS module with 3rd and 4th and till no dial tone
on 3rd and 4th.

when i try to dial from 1st and 2nd FXS. i get very back noise in the background.

i changed phone and still the same result.

please help


PS : I am using elastix and all cards, FXO / FXS modules are detected by asterisk

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7 years 3 months ago #8657 by chunlei.yi

i need to check it remotely.pls contact me via msn or skype when you are online

msn: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
skype: chunlei.yi
7 years 3 months ago #8665 by hanben
Hi Yi

Thank you for your assistance and patience.

matter is solved.

Thanks again

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