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Flash Implementation (to transfer call)

9 years 9 months ago #9830 by SaritaRM
Hello, we are using OpenVox 1200P analog telephony interface card to connect analog telephones to a system running asterisk. This system is supposed to behave as a PBX. The OpenVox interface card provides 8 FXS ports. We are connecting analog telephones to the PBX system through these ports.

Our requirement is to implement call transfer functionality using "Flash" button available on the telephones. We connected three analog telephones on the FXS port of OpenVox 1200P card, and pressed flash button, but we were unable to see any prints regarding the same.

Asterisk version: asterisk-
dahdi version: dahdi-linux-complete-

As per our understanding:
1. As mentioned in the 'linux/include/dahdi/dahdi_config.h' file of Openvox software driver, it seems like "FXSFLASH" should be defined to support the FXS flash events. Please Confirm.

2. Also as mentioned in the 'linux/include/dahdi/dahdi_config.h' file of Openvox software driver, one needs to define "EMFLASH" to support "Flash" after going off-hook and "EMPULSE" for DTMF tone recognition. But as mentioned in the comments both of them cannot be enabled together. We want to use both the functionalists like after recognizing Flash event we need to recognize and receive the DTMF digits as well. Please clarify.

Please provide us with the solution to enable "Flash" functionality, to transfer call between analog phones.

Thanks and Regards
Sarita Mahajan
9 years 9 months ago #9836 by lindali
Please contact me by email for more details.
My email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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