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VS_GW1600 - master/slave association lost at reboot

5 years 6 months ago #11892 by le__nain__jaune

We purchased 2 VS_GW1600 gateways with 8 modules and we want to administrate them with a unique interface (stacking them). So we considered the clustering mode as we read in the documentation that a module might played the role of master and the other might played the role of slave (up to 10 slaves as we understood).

But there is a problem : in each reboot, the association slave->master is lost, and we must trigger again and again .... it is not an acceptable situation.

What did we made wrong ? What to do to correct the problem ? Where is the GOOD documentation ?

Also we are surprised of the lack of documentation to build a master-slave architecture. The documentation is obsolete in regard of several functionnalities.

For information, among the 8 modules we had 3 different firmware versions : 1.0.5, 1.1.14 , 1.1.16

Any help will be greattly appreciated.

Best regard,
5 years 6 months ago #11896 by hua

First please note that GW1600 only support 5 modules , The Master/Slave mode only work in same device , you can not cluster them in two device , Second , If you want cluster in one device you must make sure the module firmware in this device all same .Any other issue , Please leave your skype here , we will contact you ASAP.

Best regards
5 years 6 months ago - 5 years 6 months ago #11901 by le__nain__jaune
Hello thank you for your response,

Clustering limited for 5 modules in the same device ? mmm... that is not what is it written in your OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION (page written 9 or 14 with PDF viewer)

Master Mode: Run as master with two different IP, controlling up to 10 slaves. (The master can
be accessed by the original IP. The target IP is used to communicate with the slaves.)

For the version firmware condition I can simply not update the lower version modules. The auto update online and local update give the same result : it fails or the last version is not applied.

For the skype meeting invitation I want to know what you want to do exactly because I have accounts to render with the responsible persons.

[edit]I just realized that Skype will not be a good help because I have some ear troubles for understanding american/english language (I am french) and furthermore my Skype version does not allows remote control[/edit]

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