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× Questions about B100/200/400/800 ISDN BRI Cards


10 years 3 months ago #5581 by hanben

i want to ask you about BRI 8 ports (B800P) as i never work with BRI before.

my understand of 1 BRI port is 2 channels.

your card 8 ports, does it mean 8 ports x 2 channels = 16 channels in total ?

but when i see the diagram of your 8 ports BRI card. there are only
4 X RJ 45. how can it be 8 ports ?

10 years 2 months ago #5585 by Joe.Yung
OpenVox B800P does only has 4 ports there, but it is able to split into 8 channels with a spliter.
Right here, there is a picture of that spliter(SP124):

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