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Problem with inboud call with B100P

9 years 8 months ago #6379 by multicentrum
Hello, I am from Spain. I have Asterisk and B100P. [font=arial, sans-serif] can make calls. When receiving calls, I get an error. Below
expose several catches. Thanks!
[/font][font=arial, sans-serif]
[font=arial, sans-serif]dahdi-channels.conf: [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]
[font=arial, sans-serif]; Span 1: ZTHFC1 "HFC-S PCI A ISDN card 0 [TE] " (MASTER) [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]group=0,11 [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]context=from-isdn [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]overlapdial=yes [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]switchtype = euroisdn [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]signalling = bri_cpe_ptmp [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]channel => 1-2 [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]context = default [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]group = 63 [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]
[font=arial, sans-serif]
[font=arial, sans-serif]ELASTIC*CLI> dahdi show channels [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif] Chan Extension Context Language MOH Interpret Blocked St ate [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif] pseudo default default In Service [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif] 1 from-isdn default In Service [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif] 2 from-isdn default In Service [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]
[font=arial, sans-serif]
[font=arial, sans-serif]When calling from a telephone number of ISDN header [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]
[font=arial, sans-serif]
[font=arial, sans-serif] -- Extension '924563021' in context 'from-isdn' from '675827597' does not exist. Rejecting call on channel 0/2, span 1 [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif] > doing dnsmgr_lookup for '' [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]
[font=arial, sans-serif]
[font=arial, sans-serif]
[font=arial, sans-serif]ELASTIC*CLI> pri show spans [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]PRI span 1/0: Provisioned, Up, Active [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]
[font=arial, sans-serif]
[font=arial, sans-serif]ELASTIC*CLI> dahdi show channel 1 Channel: 1I> [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]File Descriptor: 16 [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Span: 1 [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Extension: [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Dialing: no [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Context: from-isdn [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Caller ID: 924563163 [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Calling TON: 1 [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Caller ID name: [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Mailbox: none [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Destroy: 0 [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]InAlarm: 0 [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Signalling Type: ISDN BRI Point to MultiPoint [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Radio: 0 [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Owner: <None> [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Real: <None> [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Callwait: <None> [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Threeway: <None> [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Confno: -1 [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Propagated Conference: -1 [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Real in conference: 0 [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]DSP: no [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Busy Detection: no [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]TDD: no [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Relax DTMF: no [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Dialing/CallwaitCAS: 0/0 [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Default law: alaw [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Fax Handled: no [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Pulse phone: no [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]DND: no [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Echo Cancellation: [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif] 128 taps [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif] (unless TDM bridged) currently OFF [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]PRI Flags: [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]PRI Logical Span: Implicit [/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif]Hookstate (FXS only): Onhook [/font]
9 years 8 months ago #6383 by lisa.gao
How did you write your inbound dialplan? Please write it like this:

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