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Strange audio 5 seconds long on isdn-channels

9 years 3 months ago #6600 by urueedi
I installed:FreePBX (work ok)asterisk (work ok)dahdi 2.4.0 with A400P + B200P (TE works ok) (1 Issue)extra 1.0.0 with G400P 1xGSM (works ok)oslec on all channels (work ok)PSTN

>(B200P TE-Mode)Asterisk<
| |
relevant extensions.conf
exten => h,1,macro(hangupcall)

exten => s,1,system(sleep 5)
...if incomming call, has hookoff by ISDN-Phone, it will become strange audio 5 seconds long (maybe some very good, isdn phone can handle this), till macro-hangupcall process is finished (that must be of inbandprogress of isdn b-channels). I known if we remove system(sleep 5), it will be get earlyer, and strange audio can't hear, because hangup process will be done faster.Issue? Is ther anybody knows, that i can stop inbandprogress only with B200 channels?

If someone need; Here is a auto gendahdiconf bash script for all digium + openvox card included (A4XX BXXX DXXX G4XX) that makes pbx life easyer...
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