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B200P, misdnportinfo: Found no card.

8 years 5 months ago #6772 by mik3weider
Is this card is CAPI compatible? Can I try to use chan_capi.so?
8 years 5 months ago #6773 by mik3weider
Ok then
I have started Asterisk with root permissions and loaded chan_capi.so but either capi show channels nor capi info shows no channels available
8 years 4 months ago #6779 by Denins.Den
If you want to use chan_capi with our bri card, please refer this link:
8 years 4 months ago #6788 by mik3weider
Hey, I had this installed:

when I try to modify and compile chan_capi.c I get a lot of warnings and errors like this
chan_capi.c:7760: error: €˜pbx_capi_call€™ undeclared (first use in this function)

It's compiled without these changes, but when I load chan_capi.so I get
Loaded chan_capi.so  == Parsing '/etc/asterisk/capi.conf':   == Found	-- controller 1 invalid, ignoring interface.  == Registered channel type 'CAPI' (Common ISDN API Driver (1.1.4))  == Registered application 'capicommand'Loaded chan_capi.so => (Common ISDN API Driver (1.1.4))

Can you tell me what may be wrong with my mISDN installation?

Thank you!
8 years 4 months ago #6791 by Joe.Yung
Probably, this is mISDN issue, mISDN needs provide capi interface. Another reason might be the versions issue.

Would you mind trying the versions as dennis' post?

Meanwhile, as far as I know, chan_capi & mISDN is a little complicated, I strongerly recommend you back to install mISDN&mISDN user instead. Cause mISDN is more stable along with BRI cards.

8 years 4 months ago #6800 by mik3weider
Well, I couldn't set up it with mISDN. So I used DAHDI as described here http://wiki.openvox.cn/index.php/OpenVox_B200P_User_Manual_for_dahdi.
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