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feeling 6

8 years 3 weeks ago #7171 by cxxc
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Not to not to want to give the shadow, but they have a right hand arm, has lost all power. The hot liquid scarlet continually to outside, the wind to the shadow can do, just by strong will not fall grudging support it. He stopped and pull at pant, the cool breeze sucked into the lungs, blunt lost right shoulder to the heat of the pain.
A faint almost imperceptible to the cold wind, the wind coming from the shadow to laboriously side arms raised a, just blocked the a sneak attack, but the blade of white light reflected among thorns he BuKaiYan side is open, a sword across, and then a bone is cut down the voice of the crack. A voice of the howling, is worth a tragic before him great suddenly soft bottom go to.
No pain. Not himself was cut broken bones. tom ford whitney sunglasses
The wind to open a see eye shadow, who greeted the purple hair white, bloody but can't hide her face weak smile an idea?
It is the hunan.
"So helplessly looking at me, I'm very beautiful?"
The wind to shadow laughed, he narrowed eyes carefully look at the sight of purple, of scarlet gory in her with slightly pale face, show a share of the beauty of YaoYe can't repeat. He then nodded. "yes, is good. But had10, but like a bloody blood of life to fix the king......" female
The words said that finish, the wind to blow, and flung backward of damp and hot thick liquid injection of xing to his GengWo, give a disgusting smell. Hunan inclined rushed up to bite the bullet, it hard to make up a sword. sunglasses hut
She pulled up, bayonets flesh torn is depressing voice has ensued, and stimulate the hearts of the strings, provoke another killing intent. Hunan it like kill red eye, she is full of bloodstained face passes a wisp of cruel smile, with the cold, her smile is under constant thorn of action and a bone is the voice of the split. And no matter whether those people live, have the counteractive ability, she only repeating two movements, forcibly thorn, knife down and pull it out. This does not know how many back to back and forth, the only wood sand body of the resurgence, even a live, left no. tom ford sunglasses men
Looking at the earth bodies and capricious ravine xiang it again and again, the wind of the sword stab to the heart has the shadow over a chill, he would call way: "xiang jun, they are all dead."

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