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8 years 3 weeks ago #7173 by cxxc
"To say to say." The wind to come forward to step in the shadow, the figure of hunan it to stand in the back, HaoZhengYiXia smile, "this is LingGuo that group of a coward to my 'rewards,' how even YuLinJun vice and have ears? Originally my reputation unexpectedly loud like that? Well, it seems that the convergence is."
"You don't have convergence, you simply can not convergence!" JinLao has lifted the hands of shiny silver long dao, "the wind to shadow, you kill I sent to perform the task, they abandon the YuLinJun corpse wilderness, intended to run away, it is more than a sin! If I do not put you into in the process, how can it get this help the innocent victim's life had cut short!" tom ford whitney sunglasses
"What they kill me before, always not want me to let them kill it." The wind to shadow is sneer at 1, warning of the JinLao light to general on the hands of the sword, "dare to YuLinJun deputy and his princes, and YuLinJun secret task is assassination MingGuan court?"
"YuLinJun task, and can be easily told with you??!?!?! I know you are good at contentious, but now fill material evidence, the wind to witness who saw the accident shadow, you would not escape!" JinLao a le REINS, Shouting, "witness who saw the accident, give me up!" tom ford sunglasses men
Suddenly, a black between masked in from YuLinJun rushed out, kneeling in front JinLao voice tears accompany bottom, HuTianQiangDe way: "adult, adult should for dead brothers family!" And skill direction wind to shadow and cried, "we were just about to perform tasks, the wind general somehow flick sword has a cut to us, we's unavoidable casualties several brothers before deciding to and he desperately! Others let me you find for help, who know we come back later, they all sacrifice!"
The wind to the body of the earth shadow glanced around, calculate by wine before the batter to death and jars chopped out of the two, the body of the earth just nine, much didn't no less. sunglasses hut
That is, the man was lying.
"The most important thing is, the wind to a shadow, with day adults was assassinated in tonight....... His head and a group called 'green' assassination organization of the body was found in some members on the other side of the lake. And in the distance we found with the emperor royal give you." the whitebait bag JinLao complexion and looked out to metal gray the shadow of look in the eyes is living in watching a killer, "emperor royal give fish bags will interwoven with gold reward was the name of the person, you still dare to say that's not your thing?! These reasons, enough doubt you and the death of the adults with day kei igawa the direct relationship between the!"
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