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8 years 3 weeks ago #7174 by cxxc
Do...... He has the speculation.
Heart a surprised, xiang it down draw on his air conditioning, palm was also earn born tight, nail sink into the palm skin, almost to smite bleeding. But her voice is still light, do not take a panic: "the wind gentleman also can have not understand affair?"
"Yes." Looking at xiang it deadpan hidden terror, and the wind to shadow suddenly laughed, "actually, I was thinking, and LingGuo that the beauty of the sweet princess with America laguna, compared to what is she is more beautiful, or xiang jun more beautiful?"
This sentence to the corner is in before she, hunan it secretly relieved, in the eyes of the meaning of the alert slashed, lip Angle also slightly on the smile an idea: "the wind you think? In the wind JunXin, who will look better?" tom ford whitney sunglasses
Indeed all female for others praised his biological "beauty", will lose most of the defense force and resistance, rao is like it seems indifferent to hunan are no exception. Like is looking at fish to bite, and the wind to heart already is a shadow lit up, he pretended that he seriously meditation, stared at the hunan it is looking forward to the eyes of full, slowly way: "such as said last time, I have not seen with sweet princess I, so nature is no comparison of..."
"What you or not forget for a moment that ling sweet princess!" Hunan it break his words, some of the anger in the face, "don't open the LingGuo NaZheng army suffered a general repeatedly, LingGuo all up and down for you. If you are LingGuo guts to go to, don't let somebody else looks, perhaps glimpse in the border was a chop into ragu!"
"Xiang jun said this, because I was afraid of oneself than somebody else?" but sunglasses hut
Hunan it smile only with disdain: "I despise need worry about this? Color word head a knife, the wind, and I'm in general for you worry about it."
The wind to shadow yawns, glanced tilted gave her a: "listen to this, my king xiang tone didn xiang jun this is in-I worry about, or in the tiger me, want to let me to give up the idea of beauty to embrace get?" tom ford sunglasses men
"I said of can be all the truth, and the wind does not love to listen to general?" Hunan it come back the face, eye shadow, to reveal the wind is a hissing sound, "but, if the wind general Ken treason to defect, the military and the military will be north xinjiang territory to LingGuo, perhaps with the sweet princess committed to help her to you. People switch, is in a very."
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