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feeling 10

8 years 3 weeks ago #7175 by cxxc
"You don't say I also know, xiang jun deceive me many things."
His words in mind, and not a kill it can still hear issued by hunan cold heart, can't answer.
【 seven 】 be hard to break when smell blood (2)
Silent, looked around a silent.
The wind to shadow stared at xiang, his eyes like it through her general. Since the heart of hidden confusion and don't understand, is like from a layer of tissue, even if two people was careful to caress, in this moment, he also finally to malicious to uncover. tom ford whitney sunglasses
But xiang it not answer.
The other two people of silence, the whole space of flows like frozen breath in general.
"ZhiYa" 1, the rusty iron gates open a metal sounds harsh in the Open Day long jail cemetery. A slow footsteps interrupted two people of silence, the wind to carry all of a look, and it was a prison guard. He served two enamel bowl, impatiently will throw in the prison door, loudly drink a way: "have a meal!"
The wind to shadow eyes fell on two enamel large bowl. Inferior the closure of the heat-trapping hold half bowl of rice, scattered moldy above a few pieces of yellow over the leaves and broken bone broken meat; The Sou flavour winds, even if nasal also couldn't help cover your mouth feel sick unceasingly.
But the wind to shadow or towards the people friendly nod, smiles to say: "the trouble you." sunglasses hut
Didn't expect to be the attitude of so friendly, that the YiZheng tone, but suddenly a little slow the slow: "this disheveled, must be a general in the wind. The wind of an early general battlefield heard, I respect your article is the man, but the man a coward, finally still all mortal. In this TingWei prison, no matter whether guilty or not, is also very go out again. Forget it." tom ford sunglasses men
The wind to shadow some helpless smile, interrupted to say: "this I naturally know. These east China sea made the handcuffs shackles and caused the xuan, particularly hard, unless cut off my hands and feet, or even if I get out of it, and a lifetime to them and their men."
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