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B400p + SoftEcho

14 years 4 weeks ago #2083 by sebek72
Out firm just bought your B400p + SoftEcho BRI card.
How do I activate softecho?
We didn't get any code with our purchase.

Where do i find na manual for installing softecho?

Thank you
14 years 4 weeks ago #2084 by luolili66
Hi Sebek,

May I know which coutry are you from, and when you bought the card?

Usually we will send the Softecho to your registered email, pls check your email first? If you still don't find it, pls kindly let me know the Invoice No. for your order, we will send it to you asap.

Thanks a lot!
14 years 3 weeks ago #2105 by sebek72
I found your mail. It's was stuck in our marketing department.

Thank you for your reply.
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