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× Questions about D-110P 1 Span E1/T1/J1 Interface Card

PRI got event: HDLC Abort (6) on Primary D-channel of span 1

13 years 6 months ago #5458 by xin.liu
probably , the PRI you are using is not using PRI signalling but maybe some other type of signalling like E&M. Please double check it.

13 years 6 months ago #5461 by [email protected]
# Span 1: D115P/D115E/0/1 "D115P/D115E (PCI/PCI-E) Card 0 Span 1" (MASTER) HDB3/CCS/CRC4 RED
13 years 6 months ago #5463 by Joe.Yung
The parameters of this line "span=1,1,1,ccs,hdb3,crc4" mainly include almost all the features of your E1 line.
Thus, you have to ensure that all of them are matching your real situation. And don't keep their values default.

Regarding this line. Firstly you should ensure that whether you have crc4 feature. And what about the third parameter "1". In general, it is set to 0, not 1.

13 years 6 months ago #5464 by [email protected]
i change the third 1 to 0. I also check with my telco and they confirmed i have crc4 active.I had no luck yet. Any other ideas of what could it be?in fact if i remove the crc4 option the card goes on yellow alarm and no longer on green status.

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13 years 6 months ago #5465 by xin.liu
This happens when Asterisk receives corrupt data from the card. The most common cause of this is some device or driver locking interrupts for long enough to lose data coming in from the card.

13 years 6 months ago #5466 by [email protected]
is there a way of fixing it....and btw thanks for the help
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