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DGW-L1 E1 sync problem, works good for a while.

6 years 2 months ago #11290 by palillo

I have DGW-L1 digital gw with 1 E1. The E1 uses MFC-R2 Venezuelan variant and has been working for years on my Asterisk server with a Sangoma single E1 card.

I have configured the DGW-L1.

Current system information is:
Model: DGW-L1
Firmware version: 1.1.0
Firmware build: 1158
Hardware Version: 1.2

The GW it is able to receive/place calls between Asterisk and PSTN. The problem I get is that after several minutes of being bootited, calls stop working and the E1 status changes from OK to reload (from green to red light on the E1 chassis led).

I guess this could be a E1 sync problem (master/slave) but I don't see where this parameter can be configured.

This E1 has been working fine for several years on our Asterisk server using a Sangoma single E1 card so all the parameters are nown.

We use CRC4, CAS signalling, HDB3 and slave sync to Telco.

I tried to see if htere is a newer firmware but on Support->Download on OpenVox website the only file for digital gateways available has the name DGW-100x.current.bin, is this the correct firmware for this model ?

I don't see a file for DGW-L1 modem.

If you need any logs, let mw know what should I capture and post it back on this thread.

6 years 2 months ago #11291 by hua

You can check the attachment .
Now the cuurent version is 1.1.0 online , You can add my skype upper.hua first, So i can check it for you .
6 years 2 months ago #11292 by palillo

Many thanks. I have verified my config and it is the same as you show. Timing source = 1 and MFR2. In fact, I am able to place and receive calls. I am using a Patton Balun and today it worked good for several hours until the E1 got to red state and stop working.

If you disconnect/reconnect the E1 cable it will synchronize immediately and get to a ok state for a while. This could be several minutes or hours.

Tomorrow I will try with the cable included with the appliance. The Patton balun has been working with our Sangoma card for several years without issue.

Best regards.
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