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DGW-L1 not responding after firmware flash

6 years 1 day ago - 6 years 1 day ago #11832 by andy.komala

I unable to access my DGW-L1 after firmware flashing, reset also not working.
I guess I wrongly flash firmware version. I flash with EIU100x-current.bin instead of DGW100x-current.bin.
Is there anyone can help me or guide me how to re-flashing the correct firmware?

Thanks a lot.

6 years 1 day ago #11833 by
hi ,

Follow below step to sovled the problem , for more convinent contact, you can add my skype:dario.hu2

1. .Insert the U disk with the Linux system into DGW-L1 and choose to start from the U disk
ESC get into BIOS

2.. Mount the first partition of the DGW-L1 system disk.
The DGW-L1 gateway has 8 partitions, sda1, sda2..., sda8, and select sda1 to mount
Suppose SDA is the system disk of DGW-L1, mount /dev/sda1 /mnt

3..Open the system startup partition configuration file VIM /mnt/grub/boot_config

4..Editor boot_config
kernel=1 or 2
basefs=0 or 1

If the current kernel=1, then it is modified to 2; and vice versa.
If the current basefs=0, then it is modified to 1; and vice versa.

The meaning of the boot_config modification just now is that the current boot configuration file can't get up normally, but the last time it can be up. So the boot flag is set up as the previous normal boot configuration

5.. pull out U disk and reboot system( replug the power directly)
The following user(s) said Thank You: andy.komala
5 years 11 months ago #11842 by andy.komala
Hi Dario,

I have done according your guidance and it worked perfectly.

Thank you very much, very appreciated.

Best Regards,

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