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FD40 and AE810E with elastix - need some helps

11 years 6 months ago #7126 by lionqueen

I have got a FD40 to set up fail-over for ISDN in China. But I have some problems, could anyone help me about these.

1. What type of cables we use for it?
As I'm searching, it is RJ48C. Is it correct? and for FD40 fail-over, should I need these 3 cables?

2. My company registered and E1 ISDN line and provider told us the line is already active. Are there any way for us to check if the line is really active? It is because when we set up ISDN, after AE810E are recognized by Elastix 2.0.3, we still do not see signals from ISDN provider.

3. I have followed ... D40_User_Manual.pdf , to install the to asterisk, but after rebooting, I can't run this command from *CLI

*CLI> failover start
No such command 'failover start' (type 'core show help failover start' for other possible commands)

As I guess this is because asterisk have not loaded , and check this [url=../svn/test/failover/trunk/README][/url] , it says I need to recompile asterisk.

Currently I am using Elastix 2.0.3 with Asterisk 1.6.x. Are there any affects to elastix if I recompile asterisk?

Do I really need to recompile asterisk or are there any ways for asterisk to load to work?

I'm appreciated any of your advices or your guides as we urgently need to solve these problems.

Thank you very much.
11 years 6 months ago #7129 by svolta
1. Yes, cable RJ48 is correct!
2. Please ensure that the AE810E is a product for PSTN, this is a analog card. You can choose the E1 card for ISDN refer this link
3. You can download the source of asterisk from Elastix and compile the without 'make install', cp to /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/ after 'make'.
11 years 6 months ago #7134 by lionqueen
Thank svolt.

It is my mistake, the card we use for ISDN is D115E. We have used 2 cards AE810E and D115E at the same time.

I have solved problems by compiling asterisk with res_failover.c in virtual machine and copy to our server to use it. FD40 also works now.

But I still got problem with the sound for ISDN. When I call out, the ringing sound is not ring-ring-ring, but it makes some noises until the connection is established and sound is ok.

What happen with my D115E card, or what else could I think about? when I setup AE810E, I need to compile and re-install dahdi as user manual, and it is working.

Thanh you very much for any of your helps.
11 years 6 months ago #7135 by svolta
About the problem with the noisy when you call out, I think you'd better send ssh to me check!
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