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fd40 cable: two usb jacks???

9 years 10 months ago #8703 by gincantalupo
Hi guys,
I've read the fd40 manual but it says nothing about how to connect the fd40 cable to the PBX. It has two USB jacks from one side...why? I think it is because one USB plug power is not enough but I'm not sure.... should I connect them to the Master PBX (as the manual suggests) or one to the master and one to the redundant?

Thank you

9 years 10 months ago #8705 by tim.june
Hi Giorgio,
It is our new version of FD40, one of the 2 x USB type A connectors is for data transmission, and another one is for power supply.
Just plug both 2 connectors into Master PBX and it will work fine.
More info refer:

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