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Call Waiting

7 years 8 months ago #9699 by rick.zhu

If you enable the call waiting function,Now the gateway working like belows:

For example:
You have a call from cellphone 1 to Gateway gsm port 1(Cellphone 1
>Softphone),the call have been established;
Now you have another cellphone 2 call in the gateway,your softphone will get an waring tone.Now if your Cellphone 1 hangup,the call will coming to softphone!

If you have other questions,please let me know.My contact info be shown as below:

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Skype: rick.zhu3

Best Regards.
7 years 8 months ago #9700 by R3doN
Thank you for your answer.And isn't it possible to see who is calling while in first call? Such function is working pretty well with chan_dongle. The thing is that the line is almost always busy and I have to get the phone numbers of calls which were missed and write them to the database, so I can call them back when later.
7 years 8 months ago #9701 by rick.zhu

About that,we will discuss this feature for you.And let you know the result as soon as possible!

Best Regards.
7 years 8 months ago #9702 by R3doN
Ok, thank you! And when can I expect the answer?
7 years 6 months ago #9865 by achentli
what's new about this function, it's primordial for many companies and they don't buy gateway for this reason !
7 years 6 months ago #9866 by rick.zhu

Sorry to make trouble with you!
We will improve the call waiting function within half a month,then you can switch between this two calls!

We will publish the new firmware version once we finished it,and then i will let you know!

Best Regards!
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