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problem sending sms with carriage return

7 years 1 month ago - 7 years 1 month ago #10018 by maxfranco
i'm trying to implement a php script interface to "http to sms"
i use urlencode to pass the message string to the gateway, but it seems that the gateway can't handle the messages containg a "new line" urlencoded.

passing an urlencoded string containg some encoded LFCR (%0D%0A) directly to the gateway leads to a 'sending' result key in json report, instead of 'success' string.
furthermore also the json string of the report result 'broken' by a new line.

i've seen that the built in sms sender interface can correctly handle new line inserted in the messages, so i hope that someone could give me some useful hints :)

7 years 1 month ago #10019 by lindali
Please add my skype to your contact list, I'll help you with your problem.
Best regards,

skype: linda.li258
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
7 years 3 weeks ago #10028 by amieru
Hi Lindali, I am also experiencng the same problem, can you also help us on our problem?

Thank you.
7 years 2 weeks ago #10042 by Louis
Have you trying to use the Escape character?


ASCII Control Codes:
7 years 2 weeks ago - 7 years 2 weeks ago #10046 by maxfranco
i tried prepending an urlencoded escape char (%1B) to a CR char.
No luck... the sms doesn't start.
an escape char only can be sent, but obviously it didn't result in any output in the sms
7 years 2 weeks ago - 7 years 2 weeks ago #10047 by maxfranco
ok... if i put and urlencoded duble quotes into the sms, the gsm gateway correctly escapes it
Command: gsm send sync sms 2 3929xxxxxx "\"test\"" 10000

if i put a line feed it is not escaped:
Command: gsm send sync sms 3 3929xxxxxx "test

newline" 10000
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