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BUG - GSM Gateway HTTP to SMS stops sending

6 years 10 months ago #10169 by redealujmni
I am experiencing a show stopper bug just like the one recently reported here:

I am using one module with 4 chips for SMS only (not using audio or any other feature on this device). I place my Outgoing SMSs in one Queue for each chip, so I will only make one http call per port/chip at a time, in sequence. I even wait 20 seconds between calls for the same chip to make sure there won't be any overlap.

But after sending with "success" status a few hundred SMSs, the Openvox begins replying with blank responses, and the request will take as long the timeout to finish. The responses are like this (changed phone number for privacy):


It will happen for all the chips in the module until you reboot the device, no matter how long you wait, if you use the HTTP call. The SMS Sender web page will keep working, so it's not a Carrier related issue. It will be flawless again after the reboot.

I noticed that if I increase the Timeouts in the Advanced section of the HTTP to SMS setting, it seems to happen a little less frequently (but still happens). I am currently using a timeout of 280ms (260ms for the GSM timeout). I also noticed that sometimes (I would say once every 50 SMSs) the API will take the whole timeout to reply and will reply with status "sending", but the message will be delivered.
6 years 10 months ago #10173 by lindali

I'll help you with your problem. For convenient contact, could you add my skype to your contact list, please? And prepare remote access for checking, please.

Best regards,
Linda Li
skype: linda.li258
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