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add SNMP for monitoring?

7 years 4 months ago #10302 by johann_wnd

Can you add SNMP to all Gateway please?
At the moment you can only check the ping ... nothing more.
Additional you can add a testcall feature
The gateway do automatic an testcall to a specified phone number like a mobile phone number from another gsm gateway
when the gateway can bulid up the phone call the test result should be "sucessful"

Some interesting SNMP Values are:
- Signalstatus for each gsm port (like 0 to 5)
- Registration Status for each gsm port
- GSM Status for each port
- SIP Status for each SIP-Endpoint
- Firmware Information
- Uptime
- Temperature
- Systemtime
- Hardware Version
- Call counter maybe
- Status of an Testcall (like sucessful)

Best Regards
7 years 4 months ago #10303 by lindali

You can check them on the gam gateway web page. On the System status page and information page you can check all the values you want.
Here below is another way to check them.
(1)Signalstatus for each gsm port (like 0 to 5)
(2)Registration Status for each gsm port
(3)GSM Status for each port
(4) hardware version
for (1),(2),(3), you can use the asterisk cli command gsm show span <span> to get the value. Following is the example:

about the testcall status, we will consider to add it in the fulture.
if you have problem or advice, you can contact me via skype.

Best regards,
skype: linda.li258
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
7 years 4 months ago #10304 by johann_wnd
Hello Linda,

thanks for your reply. We need this values on snmp cause we've an central monitoring system and it would be good to see this directly on our system.
7 years 3 months ago #10325 by johann_wnd
Hello Linda,

one question to the asterix command.

is this over ssh ?
7 years 3 months ago #10326 by lindali

Yes. You can access the gateway via ssh.
First you need to make sure you have enable the ssh login settings.
Login the gateway via web.
> Login Settings
> SSH Login Settings.
Enable it and set the username and secret and save the configuration.
The ssh port is 12345 instead of 22.
Wish this wil hel you.

Best regard
7 years 3 months ago #10327 by johann_wnd
Hello linda,

is it possible to get the state of the SIP-Endpoints?
over a http request or json ?
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