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VS-GGU-E2M0400 Update issue

6 years 8 months ago #10338 by bristol
Good day to all.

I have VS-GGU-E2M0400 GSM gateway with 4 4-port gsm cards installed. Current firmware release: 2.0.5.
When I tried update to a new version, one gsm card gone offline. When accessing to a web-interface of the gateway, it says, that only 3 additional cards available.
I tried to roll back to previous release (2.0.5) and upload saved configuration. After that in web interface I see all cards, but the one that i had problems with in the status page has all fields blank (see attachement)

Attachment openvox_card_issue.jpg not found

Before updating firmware, i have changed login/password to defaults

Is there a way to get this card alive? Can I assign IP address to this card manually through SSH?
6 years 8 months ago #10339 by bristol
Mach thanks to Linda Li from Support team.

After some research I have noticed, that boards #4 and #1 got the same IP address after resetting it -

That's what I had to do to solve my problem.
  1. Set username and password for web access to it's defaults: admin/admin
  2. Update GW to the latest firmware from web GUI - 1 board failed
  3. Reset system to factory defaults
  4. Unplug card #1 from the device.
  5. Reset card #4 by RST button on it's front panel. - After that it has got right default address -
  6. Plug card #1 back - it has got right ip too -
  7. Check that firmware is the same on all cards. On that move I have accessed all boards separately by it's ip -, etc.
  8. And only after checking, resetting and rebooting all cards, I have configured cluster and made other settings. Now my device shows all the ports.

Much thanks again, Linda )
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