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GSM card not running in GW1202-8G

2 weeks 12 hours ago - 2 weeks 12 hours ago #12580 by Hinda

We have ordered an openvox GSM Gateway VS-GW2120-44G, and i had and VS-GW1202-8G box, i took a card from the 44G and put it in the box, and i am used to doing this operation, but this time it didn't work, the card is not detected (not running at all), i verified the card and found that it is not GWM400G as i used to have in the gateways, based on the openvox cards i found that it is GWM420G, so while looking at the datasheet, i found that even this model is supposed to wrk with the GW1202. I don't know what is the problem?

Hope you can help me with this.

Please find enclosed and image of the card to conform the model.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards
2 weeks 12 hours ago #12581 by Hinda
The card images
2 weeks 2 hours ago #12582 by John.sun
Hi sir,
you can find them in our web
1 week 6 days ago #12588 by Hinda
Thank you, but i already found this page and know that the card i have is GWM420G.

My probleb is that it is not working with the VS-GW1202 Gateway, although it is mentionned that it should work on the datasheet.
1 week 5 days ago #12589 by John.sun
Hi sir,
how about light on it when put it into GW1202?
does the system light is work normal?
and you can add my skype john.sun: live:e172816a6bbf5220
1 week 5 days ago #12591 by Hinda
Thank you for teh reply,

Actually only the power light up, the system doesn't light at all.

I added you on skype.

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