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Incoming caller ID being appended with random symbols

2 months 1 week ago #12758 by Nufay
I'm using Openvox GSM and Analogue cards for 2 years now.
2 weeks ago one GSM gateway (VS-GWM400 Software Version: 2.5.0) started to append random symbols to incoming caller ID
it looks like this:
[actual CallerID]%318
with actual CallerID without brackets. This symbols may wary from 2 to 6 symbols appended and each time they are different then previous.
My gateway had 7 months uptime before this happend.
I triedrebooting it a few times, removing all routing rules and VOIP endpoints and then reconfiguring them as they were before, but it's not working.
What caused this problem and how it could be solved?
2 months 1 week ago #12763 by tiel.wen
Sorry for the problem. Did his issue happen after you update the firmware to 2.5.0?
BTW you can add my Skype:tiel.wen@openvox.cn for convenient contact
1 month 4 weeks ago #12799 by vk
our customer has 2 GSM gateways - Openvox VS-GW1202-8G and VS-GW1202-4G.
Both with Software Version: 2.5.0
And both have same problem with Caller id from GSM network.
For example, instead of number +380671311775, we got +380671311775�l.
Or instead of number +380936828710, we got +380936828710p.
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