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WGW1002G security issues - is it secured?

1 year 1 month ago #13776 by dika
I am using wgw1002g but I think its not so secured. The login GUI user has been changed and the password is very strong. End points are created and they are with different names with strong password. The device is with public IP address because it is used from many locations and its not possible to restrict to connection per IP addresses ☹ Now my both sim cards are restricted because they are made very huge bill for just some days. CDR log was disabled by default and today I turned it on, but..
So is the default configuration secure in this case or it is recommended to make some other changes?
1 year 1 month ago #13780 by Echo
Hi, sir

i have replied you by email, please check.
1 year 1 month ago #13781 by Echo
it is the screen which may be damaged in email.
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