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VS-GW1202 gsm gateway web interface not working

1 year 10 months ago #14881 by hua

I will add your skype and let us arrange a time to check it .
1 year 9 months ago #14894 by vitalygolovanoff

luisf22raptor wrote: Hello!
I have a VS-GW1202 gsm gateway, but I can't access the web interface. I tried to reset it, but it's not working. I can ping it on the default ip, and I can cannect via ssh, but I also cannot login with the default creditials on ssh, but the web interface is not working. What can be the problem?

Skype: luisf22raptor


I have the same problem: the web interface is not available even after a factory reset. ssh drops authorization. Maybe there is some way to solve this problem yourself? Who knows if it will happen again
1 year 9 months ago #14897 by
Hi Sir,

I have add your skype. You can prepare teamview for remote help.
1 year 7 months ago - 1 year 6 months ago #14951 by Takk
Hello Openvox Support.

I have the same problem with Openvox GW.
The web interface not working on the GW.

I reset the device, I currently able to ping it on, but the web interface not load.

Please help me to get this working again.

My skype: zstakacslaurel

1 year 7 months ago #14956 by hua

You can give us your skype ID here , we will add you and check it for you .
1 year 2 months ago #15112 by dbr07

Please can someone help me i have the same problem cannot ping cannot access to web interface. Also reset...on VS-GW1202 V2 8 channels

Best regards,
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