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Buying questions (payment, delivery, reseller)?

17 years 3 months ago #33 by boenar
Hi, I'm interest with your product A100P (X100P Compatible).
- What kind of payment do you accept?
- Do you accept credit card payment?
- What kind of delivery (courier) service do you use?
- Do you have reseller or distributor in Indonesia/Singapore/Malaysia?
- How much A100P weight (including box)?

Thank's in advance.
17 years 2 months ago #36 by miaolin

--We accept pay USD to you paypal account or our company account.
--We have some problem to direct accept credit card payment in China.
--We can use UPS and EMS delivery service for our goods. But UPS may have less issue with customshouse. so UPS is prefer for big order.
--We still not have reseller at Indonesia/Singapore/Malaysia
-- The weight of A100P including box should be around 150g.
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