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Is your price right stated?

17 years 2 weeks ago #40 by
Looking at your A-400 card price, I was surprised. 250$. It's 5/7 of Digium price. That's okay, but please take a note:
- We buy Digium TDM400P not because Digium price is right, but cause they develop Asterisk, the wonderfull PBX, that made thing happens for us.
- Part of the sum will go into supports, Ast develop, and installations issues.

Just think about it. We can buy some SIP gateways, SPA-300, SPA-200 etc, and similar... which JUST RUN without any perfomance penalty on CPU, interupts, configuration issue ...with a lower price than yours.

So why we have to buy your products with this price?
with regards,
17 years 1 week ago #41 by miaolin
I think if you want to get the support on asterisk, you should also pay to digium for it?

the card is different from the gateways, it is a more flexible solution, if you just want to use few lines and little function, i think asterisk is also useless.

So you should select the right product as yours needs.

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