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To Buy from Peru

16 years 7 months ago #63 by
Hi, I am very interested in buying, some of his products I would like to know which is the cost of transport and the cost of courier
I am interested in very much
A400P and A1200p and modules

16 years 7 months ago #64 by miaolin
we usually use DHL to ship goods, to Peru, it will need 2 to 4 work days on the road.

the weight of A400p is 250g/pcs, weight of A1200P is 500g/pcs.

the freight cost of DHL is calculated by USD 42.75 for the first 500g, and increased by USD15/ 500g.
14 years 9 months ago #968 by Alejandro

aprovecho a comentarte que vivo en españa y compre una tarjeta a1200p directamente a Openvox hace ya casi un año sin problemas.

Me llego por DHL correctamente y page de envio unos 15€.

El pago lo realice por PayPal.

El unico problema es la instalacion de la tarjeta. Si no tienes experiencia te recomendaria la compra de una tarjeta cuyos drivers esten incluidos en el zaptel.

Si tienes experiencia entonces te agradezco si me das una mano pues estoy anclado con eso.

14 years 8 months ago #988 by big_foot
How can we get OpenVox cards in India?
1. Are there any dealers in India?
2. If no then how will the cards be sent and what are the additional shipment charges?
3. Do you ship cards to India on regular basis/ any problems?
4. What will be mode of payment?
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