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Need hardware choice advice...

13 years 3 months ago #3909 by golfdude

I need to setup a call center soon. I am new to telephony - i can work with Linux. I have downloaded AsteriskNOW. My requirements are as follows -

1. Handle incoming calls. Expect 2-5 simultaneous calls max. Each call might be only a min or two max.
2. Need call waiting ( hold ) and queuing, voice mail, call recording.
3. Can use softphone initially.

What card should I get ? How many analog lines should I get ? I will have 2 agents max attending to the calls. So the other 3 calls have to be on hold ( assuming 5 people call at the same time ). I was told that one analog line has 4 channels. I was not sure how many FXO/FXS port card I need ?

Any help appreciated.


13 years 3 months ago #3932 by miaolin
since you have 5 concurrent calls at same time, you should have 5 FXO . and also 2 FXS for your agents. Suggest you use A800P+5FXO+2FXS to build system.

Software phone is support by Asterisk software, no extra hardware needed.
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