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A400P dialing very slowly

14 years 5 months ago #4191 by ultimeon

zttest seems good we have more than 99.99 avg
Results after 345 passes ---
Best: 99.998 -- Worst: 99.990 -- Average: 99.996479, Difference: 99.996479

The 1.4.20 asterisk portability doesn't change anything and
even with debug mode activate ( verbosity 100 and debug 100) nothing happen when the zap dialout
we just have these damned 10 sec blank moment ...this is crazy.
We are going to change the server and if we still have the problem
We will send ssh and root access to the serveur maybe Joe will be able to help.



14 years 5 months ago #4192 by Joe.Yung
Hello Patrick,
Actually, there is about 3 sec blank moment from the dialing moment to ringing, and that is normal. Tell me more details when have a try with another server. Waiting your good news! Any question, please contact me! Good luck!

Best Regards!

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