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OpenVox IX100+trixbox!

14 years 5 months ago #1658 by james.zhu
hello, all of users:
OpenVox IX100 with PC Engines Alix 2C2 works under Trixbox(2.6), which installed in CF card. it is smaller and good
enough for SOHO office. here is what you should go:
1) using VMware to create a image for CF card booting
1.1) setting for a machine: Linux 2.6kernel, 256mb ram, 1 serial port, 2 usb port, CF card as a PHYSICAL drive
1.2) Editing: etc/grub.conf, /etc/inittab, /etc/securetty, edit /etc/sysconfig/init, /etc/sysconfig/kudzu
2) copying it into CF card using dd in linux or physdiskwrite for XP. it will much much time.
3) Inserting the CF card into IX100 CF card slot and booting it from serial port : console=ttyS0,9600n8,
you can use hyper terminal in XP or minicom in linux to access the console.
4) installing mISDN for OpenVox mini PCI BRI cards(B200M/B400M)
5) Accessing trixbox GUI to set call routing using IP:
6) using putty to access the system: username:root, password:openvox


14 years 2 months ago #2150 by pdang411

can you clarify the 1.2 intruction
1.2) Editing: etc/grub.conf, /etc/inittab, /etc/securetty, edit /etc/sysconfig/init, /etc/sysconfig/kudzu
Is to edit with linux machine under vm ware. i have window machine running vmware 6.0 workstation with unbutu 6.0 under vm ware virtual.

There is a step missing under these instruction. is there a way to install trixbox iso direct to cf ? using vm ware ?
14 years 2 months ago #2151 by james.zhu
yes, you have to edit the linux under vm ware. i am sure there are many ways to install trixbox into cf cards, but i never try that.

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