OpenVox PBX Systems & Gateways for Small Medium Enterprises

At OpenVox, we strongly believe that small and mid-sized business communication needs to be simpler,more reliable,and more cost-effective. Our VoIP PBX & Gateway solution empowers you and your business to improve efficiency and reduce communication cost with new levels of quality and experience.

OpenVox New Generation IPPBX UC300/UC500

UC300/UC500 are OpenVox new generation IPPBX, which comes with an aluminum enclosure and fanless design, and it supports up to 8 Analog ports with failover function, 2 Ethernet ports, 1 USB port and 1 SD port.

There is a unique design for the UC series appliances that adds more stability to the system. And this makes the UC series to become the industry 1st IPPBX with built-in Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). It will be a risk-free solution that keeps your system and data away from damage or lost caused by unexpected power failure.

With the powerful Intel CPU inside, the UC series appliances support up to 300 Concurrent Calls and maximum 800 extensions in one single device. With such powerful performance, the UC series appliances are second to none comparing to counterparts from other brands.



SWG-2016 Series

High-performance wireless gateway with LCD display.Built-in 4 cores CPU, incredible processing capacity, abundant functions, safe and reliable.

Provides up to 16 GMS/WCDMA/LTE/VoLTE channels

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News and Events

  • The Berlin-based internet and telephony provider easybell and OpenVox have mutually certified their SIP trunks and IP phone systems. This means that both suppliers have checked the full compatibility of their products with each other in detail and will also check for future updates.

  • Shenzhen, China-July 25th, 2018, OpenVox Communication Co., Ltd, the global leading provider of the best cost effective VoIP gateways, IP Communication Systems and Asterisk® solutions, announces today to release the OpenVox cloud management platform(CMP) 2.0 to bring its E1 gateways, wireless gateways and UC series IPPBX into the cloud. With the new CMP 2.0, all our onsite products mentioned above can now be empowered by the cloud features.

Support & Service

Support Hotline:86-13714489316

Quick way to get user manual and driver.Please visit the Quick Support to have your first level support from OpenVox. if you can not find your answer here,please do not hesitate to contact our Technical support for help.
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