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One-stop solution;

Modular design, flexible combination of main control board and telecom interface module;

High-reliability solution (RAID/dual host controller hot standby/redundant power supply);

Full range of communication interfaces: FXS/FXO/E1|T1/ GSM/WCDMA/LTE.

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  • Specifications

    OpenVox Unified Communication Platform (UCP) is an ideal solution to integrate data, voice and video in one product for SME market. The state of art design provides unparalleled performance, flexibility, reliability, availability, and still keeps effective cost.

    UCP4130 is a multifunctional hardware communication platform with modular design. It is mainly composed of a drawer-type 4U 19" non-standard chassis and blade-type functional boards, including VoIP gateway module boards, CPU module boards, and switch module boards.

    The key idea of UCP is that UCP can select different modules according to different needs and connect them through the high-speed Ethernet bus. Different module boards are connected to the backplane Ethernet bus through the unified connector of the module.


    • Input Voltage Range: 80~264VAC
    • Output DC Voltage: 12V
    • Current: 33.3A
    • Power Consumption: 400W
    • Dimension: 482.6mm*240mm*195mm (without handle)
    • Net Weight: 7219g

    Supported module boards

    • Wireless Gateway Module Boards: VS-GWM401G,VS-GWM401W,VS-GWM401L
    • Analog Gateway Module Boards: VS-GWM801-S,VS-GWM801-O,VS-GWM801-SO
    • E1/t1 Gateway Module Boards: VS-ET2004,VS-ET2002,VS-ET2001
    • CPU Module Boards:VS-CCU-N2930AM,VS-CCU-I5
    • Supported hard drives: 1T HDD,240G SSD,480G SSD
  • Features


    • Passive Backplane
    • Support hot-plug card (gateway module boards)
    • Swappable fan box
    • Avoid single point of failure
    • Star topology bus
    • Smart module (each module is an independent system)
    • High-Speed Compact PCI connectors
    • Supports redundant power supply
    • Supports RAID0 & RAID1
    • Supports Hot Standby


    • Wide software selection: Asterisk, Elastix, FreePBX, 3CX, etc.


    Modular design, the chassis provides up to 11 expansion slots, supports any combination of the following module boards, and provides a comprehensive mainstream communication interface

    • FXS/FXO
    • T1/E1
    • Processor
  • Accessories


    Each module offers 4 GSM channels.


    Each module offers 4 3G/UMTS channels.


    Each module offers 4 LTE channels.


    Each module offers 8 FXO ports.


    Each module offers 8 FXS ports.


    Each module offers 4 FXO ports and 4 FXS ports.


    Supports 1/2/4 software-selectable T1/E1/PRI interface.


    N2930 processor motherboard based on Asterisk.


    i5 processor motherboard based on Asterisk.

  • Use Cases

    UCP4130 Application topology diagram 1
    UCP4130 Application topology diagram 2