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RSU (RAID Storage Unit)

Support RAID 0 and RAID 1;

For the purpose of performance enhancement or data redundancy.


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  • Specifications

    RAID Storage Unit (RSU) is a RAID module board that uses virtualized storage technology to combine multiple hard disks into one or more hard disk array groups for the purpose of improving performance or data redundancy, or both.

    The RSU has two options, RAID 0 or RAID 1, and requires the configuration of two SEUs (Storage Expand Units). RAID 0 improves the performance of the device by increasing storage and read/write speed. However, RAID 0 has neither redundancy nor fault tolerance, and all data will be lost if one hard disk is damaged. RAID 1 improves read/write speed and has the function of data backup. The principle is to store data on the primary hard disk while also writing the same data on the mirror hard disk. When the primary hard disk is (physical) damaged, the mirror hard disk takes over the work of the primary hard disk. Therefore, as long as one disk is normal, it can maintain operation with high reliability.