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Shenzhen, China-July 25th, 2018, OpenVox Communication Co., Ltd, the global leading provider of the best cost effective VoIP gateways, IP Communication Systems and Asterisk® solutions, announces today to release the OpenVox cloud management platform(CMP) 2.0 to bring its E1 gateways, wireless gateways and UC series IPPBX into the cloud. With the new CMP 2.0, all our onsite products mentioned above can now be empowered by the cloud features.


Here are some main features of OpenVox Cloud Management Platform(CMP) 2.0:

*Users sign in and log in
*Device list and Management
*Remote Web Access
*Remote SSH Access
*Device Location Map
*Massive Devices Management
*Cloud Monitor
*Filtering Function, Reset Password, Restart, Upgrade Firmware Function
*Equipment Details
*Simplified and Safer Gesture Verification Code

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