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OpenVox PBX Systems & Gateways for Small Medium Enterprises

At OpenVox, we strongly believe that small and mid-sized business communication needs to be simpler,more reliable,and more cost-effective. Our VoIP PBX & Gateway solution empowers you and your business to improve efficiency and reduce communication cost with new levels of quality and experience.


OpenVox——Communication Solutions Expert


OpenVox Communication Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in the field of global VoIP gateways, IP Communication Systems and Asterisk® solutions.

Established in Shenzhen, China, in 2002, OpenVox is committed to providing small and medium-sized enterprises and branches of large enterprises with high-grade products, reducing communication cost and increasing the productivity of the communication platform.



SWG-2016 Series

Provides up to 16 GMS/WCDMA/LTE/VoLTE channels.

High-performance wireless gateway with LCD display.

Built-in 4 cores CPU, incredible processing capacity.

Abundant functions, safe and reliable.

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News and Events

  • Shenzhen, China, August 27th, 2020 – OpenVox Communication Co., Ltd., the industry-leading provider of the VoIP Gateways, IP Communication Systems, and Asterisk® solutions with excellent quality and experience, today announced the launch of the iAG800 V2 Series Analog Gateway, the updated version of the iAG8XX Series Analog Gateway.

  • Shenzhen, China – July 17th, 2020 OpenVox Communication Co., Ltd., the world's leading provider of the most cost-effective VoIP gateways, IPPBX Communication Systems and Asterisk® solutions, today announces the launch of a brand-new version of the Asterisk® motherboard VS-CCU-I5.

Support & Service

Support Hotline:86-13714489316

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