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Dual card analog(FXS)/BRI configuration

7 years 3 hours ago - 7 years 3 hours ago #10726 by oliveriandrea
I want to make a PBX-IP for my company, we have a BRI E1 (Italy) line and analog phones and analog fax.
I want to buy a B100E for BRI external line and a A810E10 (8 FXS) but i have a few questions:
1) should i have an hardware echo cancellation on BRI line (with a BE200E) or on the analog card (A810E10) or both?
2)if i want to redirect incoming fax from BRI to a fax on an FXS port on analog card should i use timing cable from B100E to A810E10? (B100E and A810E10 support timing cable?)

Thank you
7 years 2 hours ago #10727 by
1. it's better to have an hardware echo cancellation on both
2. don't need if the provider have the same clock source. if not, should use timing cable because if the clock source not same, it will cause problem on fax.
7 years 1 hour ago #10728 by oliveriandrea
so if i want to use bri card for external line and analog card for the internal phone i should use two hardware echo cancellation one for each card right?
BE200E and A810E10 support timing cable? i dont find any documentation about the support...
6 years 11 months ago #10730 by
mostly there is no problem without using timing cable. if have problem, i will help you. my skype is : dario.hu2.
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