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OpenVox delivers cost-effective and flexible solutions for service providers or operators. As the IP Communications landscape continues to become more complicated, OpenVox connectivity products continue to provide a low-cost long distance alternative by connecting disparate networks, devices, appliances and people.


With OpenVox GSM gateways, accessing to gsm network become simple, and it is quite easy to expand capacity of gsm channels. Based on OpenVox IPPBX appliance IX132, OpenVox can also provide E1/T1 and Analog connection to PSTN network with different and replaceable interface board.

When deployed long distance telephony networks, especially oversea networks, VoIP is the best option to reduce costs to compete effectively.

Improved use of bandwidth on the IP network provides further operational cost advantages, and can be achieved using a codec like G.729 or G.723.1 over the IP network. This requires converting between the G.711 protocol used on E1/T1/Analog lines and some other codecs chosen for the IP network.

OpenVox solutions provide an extremely reliable yet inexpensive solution to realizing a low cost long distance service. It uses GSM gateways and IX132 appliances to access traditional telephony network, a softswitch to manage routing, and a reliable IP infrastructure to connect nationally or globally distributed gateway infrastructure.