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  • VS-GW1202 Series

    VS-GW1202 Series

    Provides up to 2 plug-in gateway modules; Support 4 or 8 channels and 2 Ethernet ports.
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  • VS-GW1600 Series

    VS-GW1600 Series

    Provides up to 5 plug-in gateway modules; Ranging from 4 up to 20 channels.
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  • VS-GW2120 Series

    VS-GW2120 Series

    Provides up to 11 plug-in gateway modules; Support from 4 to 44 channels and 3 Ethernet ports.
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  • VS-CCU-N2930AM


    A new version asterisk® motherboard; 16GB SSD; 2 USB ports; 2 ethernet port; 1 VGA port; 2-year warranty; Up to 600 concurrent calls and 1000+ users.
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  • VS-CCU-500HDD


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