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We have been devoted to serving the Small and Medium Business and Large Enterprises with high availability solutions, help enterprise users to lower the communication costs and meanwhile provides efficient, high-quality and comfortable phone call experience.

IPPBX Docking with Traditional PBX

Traditional PBX, also known as program-controlled switchboard , is widely used in domestic enterprises. 

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Solutions for Service Providers or Operators

OpenVox delivers cost-effective and flexible solutions for service providers or operators. As the IP Communications landscape continues to become more complicated, OpenVox connectivity products continue to provide a low-cost long distance alternative by connecting disparate networks, devices, appliances and people.

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OpenVox Safeguard Solution with Integrated UPS Unit

As a global leading provider of the VoIP equipment manufacturer, OpenVox brings a Safeguard Solution to the VoIP market, which offers the customers unique VoIP devices with Integrated UPS Units inside.

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Solutions for Enterprise Application

OpenVox GSM gateway is committed to provide flexible solutions to network convergence between VoIP network and GSM network.

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OpenVox SMS Service

Mobile phone text messages have gradually faded out of people’s daily lives, but text messages still play an important role in corporate communications. For example, use SMS groups to promote products, send SMS activity notifications to business members, receive SMS verification codes in batches, or communicate with others within the company by SMS, and so on.

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OpenVox Wireless Gateway Connect with playSMS

Welcome to the OpenVox SMS platform, which is based on the free and open source SMS gateway project and integrates the OpenVox wireless gateway SMS API.

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OpenVox Gateway Powerful Cluster Function

OpenVox Gateway Products provide a strong application named “Cluster”. It highlights the superiority of modular design further. With this function, customers who have multi modules or boxes could operate more conveniently.

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Call Transfer

When the user is talking with a remote party and wishes to transfer the call to another remote party, there are two ways to transfer the call, attended transfer and blind transfer.

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