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B800P NT problem

10 years 2 months ago #5615 by grzegorz
Ok I was sloved the problem with dahdi.

I applied patch from:

And now I can use card in NT mode.

Now Is the last to do a lookup cable to connect my NT port with TE port o the same card to test that working.

Anyone know how must see cable to connect this ???


10 years 2 months ago #5628 by Joe.Yung
It's a good news that you have solved that problem which relates to NT mode with dahdi. If possible, welcome your descriptions of how did you make the card worked in NT mode with dahdi driver.So that it's able to share with other users. Thanks in advance!

Regarding to the cable, actually I don't understand the exact means of "Anyone know how must see cable to connect this ???" Would you mind talking more about it ?

If you want to connect the ports which one of them in NT mode and another in TE mode, firstly , you need some spliters(see this: , SP124), and plug them into the corresponding ports that you have specified. And the pins oder should be: 3,4,5,6<-->5,6,3,4.

10 years 2 months ago #5629 by grzegorz
Thans for cable is exacly what I was neded. Now I am testing when I done I will write solution.

10 years 2 months ago #5634 by grzegorz
Ok I was tested and now I try make solution but my eng is low and it will be hard to understand.

info of hardware what been used:
-system slackware: 13.0 32bit,

verisions: Asterisk, DAHDI 2.3.0,libpri

1. Download:asterisk, dadhdi,libpri.
2.make,make install libpri.
3.patch file ---src---/dahdi-linux-complete-2.3.0+2.3.0/linux/drivers/dahdi/wcb4xxp/base.c
patch is here and is write by "dimitri".
4.make ,make install dahdi
5. edit /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.conf
insert "options wcb4xxp te_nt_override=0xFE"
(if you want like 1 port NT and else port TE, if you want else that you should change parametr 0xFE).
before you must set jumpers on card to work 1 port nt mode.
6.modprobe wcb4xxp
9.dahdi_cfg -vvvv
10.configure make make install asterisk.
11. asterisk -vvvvc and see pri show span 1 , is as NT mode.
Imporotant is that you can use only nt_ptp mode, nt_ptmp is not supported right now.

Joe Young you cable is wrong, in case b800P card I was used srtight cable because when you change jumpers then pin of this port will change.
On hardware pictrue in manual (parts of make cable) is everything explain.


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10 years 2 months ago #5636 by Joe.Yung
Hello Czelusc, Thanks your great installation steps firstly.

Yes, you are right, The cable that I described above(3,4,5,6<-->5,6,3,4) was not match your case here(It's B800P here). The correct method was using straight cable instead of the cross one. Sorry for my foolish fault!

10 years 2 months ago #5640 by grzegorz
Joe no need sorry is mostest that you try help an this is good.
Regards to you.
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